Broadway Live Seafood
Is the perfect way to reward yourself after a hard days work, saving you the trouble of cooking and cleaning by serving up deliciously prepared all-time favourites such as Hor fun, Sambal fried rice or Hongkong noodles.
New Hong Kong Roast
Old Hongkong Roast promises satisfaction from a hearty meal of roasted meat items from their irresistible signature platter mix of crispy roasted pork, juicy charsiew and tender roasted duck.
Tong Luck Economical Rice
The staple for every coffee shop fare, Tung Luk Mixed Rice serves up a variety of local favourite dishes from curry chicken, sweet and sour pork to stir-fried vegetables, leaving diners spoilt for choices from these affordable food options.
Wen Chang Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice
Dishes out the iconic Singaporean Chicken Rice with fragrant pandan rice topped with slices of juicy tender chicken and their unique blend of garlic chilli sauce that packs a punch to this popular local favourite.
Old Punggol Nasi Lemak
Old Punggol Nasi Lemak takes pride in preserving a little history by offering one of the nation's famous dishes at a very affordable price. With well marinated chicken wings, otah and anchovies, the meal is complete with pandan rice cooked to perfection.
Hougang Fishball Noodles
Putting comfort into a bowl, Old Hougang Fishball Noodles belief in quality ingredients and not short-changing customers promises springy noodles and fishballs in hot soup, served with sauces that complement the meal.
Hundred Flavours Dessert
Eating Hundred Flavour dessert to enhance and sweeten your everyday life.